The Dice Tower Podcast #303 Discusses Gaming with Hearing-Impaired

Thanks to a link from a Google+ user, I was tipped off about Episode #303 of The Dice Tower Podcast. About half way through the episode (around the 48-minute mark) Jude talks about his experiences gaming with hearing-impaired board game players.

He briefly discusses some differences between games that are more dependent upon social interaction and those with less social dependency, then talks about how he and his wife formed an ASL board game group. Finally, he ended the segment by making a simple point, a principle on which Accessible Games was founded: “…the result of a meaningful gaming experience is really something that is universally human, and that’s just having fun.”

I love this point because it illustrates just how universal board games are. No matter your ability level, having fun is the goal. And having fun with friends and family is what connects us.

It’s an interesting segment and is worth your time to check out. I only wish they had spent some time discussing it afterward rather than burying the 4-minute clip in the middle of the episode. Still, it’s a big step in the right direction and I was glad to have heard them discuss the topic on one of their shows.


Visit the Dice Tower Podcast Archive and download Episode #303 if you’d like to listen for yourself.

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