Kickstarter: PowerUp Poker

I recently received word about this interesting new twist on Texas Hold ‘Em called PowerUp Poker. It’s a poker game that blends in Mario Kart-style power-ups to make a poker game that’s probably unlike any you’ve played before.

I’m not much of a poker player myself, and I couldn’t even tell you the difference between Hold ‘Em and any other flavor, but the addition of these PowerUp cards actually makes the game seem rather interesting. I’m a sucker for Mario Kart though–just look at my own game, Monster Kart Mayhem. Plus, 8-bit card art! Who doesn’t love 8-bit art?

I did not receive anything for review so I can’t tell you for sure how this plays, but the Kickstarter video is very well done and rather convincing. It sounds like the game is pretty much ready to be shipped and they’re just raising money for production, so I think it’s a safe bet to back.

Check out PowerUp Poker on Kickstarter.