Playtest Monster Kart Mayhem, Get Cool Perks

Would you like to playtest Monster Kart Mayhem and provide valuable feedback? What if i promised that you’d get your name in the credits of an upcoming release? Or gave you the option to design your own monster or track for the game?

I had so much fun designing Monster Kart Mayhem for the RPGGeek Adventure Design Contest, I decided I want to make it a fully-realized game, complete with awesome art and everything. To do that, I need people who are willing to playtest the game and give me feedback. I am especially interested in hearing from people who are able to spend some time playing with kids, but anyone is welcome.

In return for your time, you’ll get:

  • Your name in lights as a playtester for the game
  • A free copy of the game
  • The chance to design a monster or race course to be included in the final release

How does that sound to you? All you need to do is download the game (below) and contact me to let me know you’re getting involved. I’ll keep in touch, send you a survey to fill out, and keep in contact to get your monster/track designs.

The feedback you provide will be valuable, and you’ll have fun playing this unique racing game. Download the free version of the game below to get started.