Psi-punk Archetypes: Brenner Now Available

Brenner PDF CoverDuring a recent sleepless night, I came up with the idea to create small sourcebooks for all of the archetypes mentioned in the Psi-punk core book and its upcoming World’s Edge Arena supplement. There are a ton of great character concepts and some people find it easier to build characters if they have a few suggestions to work from.

Psi-punk Archetypes: Brenner is the first in this line of sourcebooks and is now available on a Pay-What-You-Want basis at DriveThruRPG.

In this book, I introduce the brenner archetype from a first person narrative. After giving a background about what the brenner is, I offer suggestions for Skills, Gifts, Faults, and Gear that might fit well with the archetype.

My personal favorite entry from the book is Fogo Capoeira.

Fogo Capoeira
By combining the art of fire dancing with a dance-style martial art, you unlock a beautiful and deadly combat technique. When making an attack with the Combat (Melee) skill, you may employ both your Fire Dance and Capoeira Specializations. This means you get to re-roll up to two dice for free. (For more about Specializations, see pages 35-36 of the Psi-punk core book.) This ability costs 1 Gift.

Interested in checking out the rest of the book? Head on over to DriveThruRPG to get your copy today. Like what you’ve read? Please consider rating the book or leaving a review!

This is sort of a test run for the new series. If it does well I’ll continue to develop future archetypes, so your feedback is vital in deciding the direction this line takes.

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