Having a Learning Disability and Teaching Games

Learning Disabled and Teaching Tabletop Games is a great article written by James Cole and featured on The Geeky Gimp. IN the article, James talks about his gift of being a great board game teacher and how his experience with having a learning disability has shaped that skill.

I particularly like how James talks about different types of learners, including visual, aural, and kinesthetic learners. Like James, I have taken a few courses on adult learning theory and picked up a lot of useful information about how to work with people who have various learning styles and needs.

James also adds some great points about knowing your audience, teaching to their level, and picking the right game for the right group.

Whether or not you have a disability, there’s a lot of great information in this article about how to teach tabletop games to new players. I recommend you take a few minutes to read it for yourself.

I learned of this article from the Gamerati e-mail newsletter. Thanks to them for bringing it to my attention.