MKM Nominated for a Golden Geek Award, Print Edition Update

First thing’s first…

I’m super excited to announce that Monster Kart Mayhem was nominated for one of BoardGameGeek’s Golden Geek Awards! It has been nominated for Best RPG of 2014 and is up against such titans as Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition, the Firefly RPG, and AMP: Year One. It may be the underdog in this race, but I know it’ll put on a good show.

You can help Monster Kart Mayhem (and AMP: Year One, because that game is amazing) by heading over to BoardGameGeek to vote.

Secondly, I received the first proof copy of the Monster Kart Mayhem print edition. The book is gorgeous, and my wife’s first impression is that it looks even better in print than it does on the screen. I wouldn’t argue.

Unfortunately, there are just enough issues with the proof that I need to fix it and send for another. We’re going over it with a fine-toothed comb (Big Foot’s comb, actually) to make sure we catch everything. Once we’re satisfied, I’ll send for another proof and, hopefully, that’ll be the last one.

My goal is to take several pictures and do an in-depth article about what the proofing process is like, for those of you who care about the publishing side of things. Time willing, I hope to have it available soon (but I’ve learned not to set hard dates at this stage of my life–having a baby at home will do that to a person).

Stay tuned, and I’ll be sure to let you all know when Monster Kart Mayhem is available in print! Until then, head on over to BoardGameGeek to vote for the world’s best monster-themed kart-racing RPG/boardgame.