Psi-punk SRD Updated

I finally completed the first round of revisions of a project I started about two years ago. Hooray for a little extra free time at work!

In 2018, the Psi-punk System Reference Document was added to the Open Gaming Network of websites. It started out as a pretty raw dump of text that was programmatically pulled out of a PDF. It was ugly, it wasn’t split up into multiple pages, and it wasn’t hyperlinked.

That has finally changed.

Now you can access the Psi-punk SRD in an easy to digest fashion. Most major and minor sections are split into their own pages and in many places there are links to pertinent information for ease of reference.

A System Reference Document (SRD) is a collection of a game’s rules without any intellectual property included. The concept was popularized by 3rd Edition Dungeons and Dragons by Wizards of the Coast. It’s published an Open Game License, which says the material is free to use and alter as you see fit, as long as you only use what is included in the SRD. In other words, you can use the game mechanics without any of the world, setting, NPCs, illustrations, etc.

Check out the Psi-punk SRD at the Open Gaming Network.

Oh, you can also check out the Fudge SRD and Fantasy Fudge SRD at the same site. Just follow the appropriate links on that page.