World’s Edge Arena Kickstarter Enters Final Week

There’s just one week left in the World’s Edge Arena Kickstarter campaign. It ends Thursday, October 8th, so be sure to head on over to check it out if you haven’t already.

Link: Psi-punk: World’s Edge Arena Kickstarter.

In case you’re just joining us, World’s Edge Arena is the second official sourcebook for psi-punk, a Fudge cyberpunk RPG. This setting book takes you to Punta Arenas, Chile, where a televised bloodsport is making waves. Players can enter the Arena to try and win some quick cash or they can take part in any of the events happening around town.

We’ve been hard at work spreading the word about the campaign. We recently unlocked a new Archetype that I mentioned in a previous update. Anyone who backs World’s Edge Arena at the $10 reward tier or higher gains access to this Archetype regardless of whether or not the campaign funds.

Here’s an overview of that Archetype, including its illustration and introduction text. The full PDF will be available to backers after the campaign ends and will be released for general sale after the backers receive their copy.



Image of a Chilean woman in extravagant clothing.

As a promoter, it’s my job to make other people look good. It may not sound like the most prestigious work but I take pride in knowing that I’m the reason my clients have any worth. If it weren’t for me, they’d still be pit fighting in some dingy bar near the favelas. Sometimes I need to remind them of that fact, but I try to avoid doing so if they have a gun in their hands.

One of the greatest things about my job is that I get to earn a load of cash without getting my hands dirty. I usually charge a commission and I always make my services worthwhile. There’s no one better at bolstering my clients’ reputation than me, at least not without the use of some serious psychic voodoo and that’s just plain cheating.

Although I enjoy the relative safety of my position, I do sometimes wonder what it might be like to head into the Arena and earn a larger chunk of change for my efforts. I always know how to please a crowd and that goes a long way in this business—you may be the best fighter in town, but without the approval of the fans you won’t stand a chance in the Arena.

I may have built a career out of playing to crowds, but that doesn’t mean my talents are wasted elsewhere. My powers of persuasion are useful when dealing with individuals as well as groups, and my kind are often hired on the side to be negotiators, hagglers, and dealers. Whenever it isn’t appropriate for guns to do the talking, I’m the person you need to have on your side.