Accessible Gaming Quarterly Issue 4 Now Available

Front Cover of AGQ Issue 104We’re excited to announce that Accessible Gaming Quarterly, Issue 4 (April 2021), is now available in both digital and print. This issue rounds out Year 1 of the zine, and it is the biggest issue to date. Issue 4 includes 56 pages, plus additional battle maps you can download for Microsoft Excel. It’s also available in several formats: Vision Layers-enabled PDF, non-layered PDF, fixed and fluid ePub, and print. Pay once and get access to every version, so you can choose the best format for you without spending extra.   This fourth issue of the zine features eight articles, including:
  • “Going Online” by Jacob Wood
  • “Layers of Data” by Sam Byford
  • “Learning Dungeons & Dragons” by Jim O’Donnell
  • “Need a Map? Try a Spreadsheet” by Travis Peterson; includes sample files for Excel
  • “Karishtina” a character spotlight by Linus Andersson
  • “Audiobook Games for Dyslexia and More” by Russell Collins
  • “Web Accessibility” by Zed Lopez
  • “Accessibility Tools in Fiction” by Jacob Wood
The digital edition of this zine includes Vision Layers, which allows users to toggle between different viewing options in the PDF. Choose from color or black-and-white, with or without background elements, and text-only options. The PDF is also tagged for improved readability with screen readers. New to Issue 4, Accessible Gaming Quarterly is now available in ePub format for additional flexibility. Get the fourth issue today, or subscribe and get every issue released for the first year.
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