Accessible Gaming Quarterly Issue 5 Now Available

Front cover of AGQ Issue 5, featuring a color illustration of Darlene Lambert. Darlene is a post-collapse heroine whose story is detailed in this issue.We’re kicking off the second year of Accessible Gaming Quarterly with a stylish new color cover, and you can now get a copy of the first issue at DriveThruRPG.

Issue 5 of the zine delivers more great art, engaging essays, and a new Questions and Answers segment. There is also a bunch of creative content that puts disabled heroes in the spotlight and some new idea fuel for piratical prosthetics.

Inside this issue, you’ll find:

  1. “Questions and Answers with Accessible Games”
  2. “Do-it-Yourself Accessibility” by Justin Oldham
  3. “Character Snapshot: Darlene Lambert” by Justin Oldham
  4. “Accessibility, it Does Matter” by Richard Bennett
  5. “The Terror” by Jim O’Donnell
  6. “Character Snapshot: Sage” by T Dave Silva
  7. “Piratical Prosthetics” by Jacob Wood


The digital edition of this zine includes Vision Layers, which allows users to toggle between different viewing options in the PDF. Choose from color or black-and-white, with or without background elements, and text-only options. The PDF is also tagged for improved readability with screen readers.


Get it at DriveThruRPG in Vision Layers-enabled PDF, ePub, and print.

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