Accessible Guide to RPG Layout Now Available

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Accessible Guide to RPG Layout CoverYou may be familiar with our Tutorial Tuesday series which provides a lot of great information about how to create accessible RPG layouts. I’ve been hard at work collecting, categorizing, and updating these tutorials and putting them into a single eBook. Now available at DriveThruRPG, the Accessible Guide to RPG Layout is a great resource for any small press game designer.

The original tutorials will always be available free of charge here on the website, but purchasing the eBook gets you some additional benefits. The articles have been rearranged and grouped into a logical structure, making it easier to work through the process if you’re following along. The content has also been updated with current links and tangential sidebar information that helps support some of the text. Finally, I’ve added a whole new chapter which includes links and descriptions of freeand paid resources for game designers and layout artists–this chapter and its information don’t appear on the website.

If you’ve enjoyed this series and want to show your support, please consider getting a copy of the eBook. You’ll get all of the new content mentioned above and you’ll support continued initiatives to bring you helpful advice. You should also get a copy of Game Publishing Lessons and check out our web-only series, Game Design Occupations Explained.


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