New Beast for World’s Edge Arena

English: Goliath birdeater female - Dorsal side - 23,5 cm - Mounted specimen by Philippe Annoyer Locality: French Guiana, France. License: CC BY-SA 4.0

English: Goliath birdeater female – Dorsal side – 23,5 cm – Mounted specimen by Philippe Annoyer Locality: French Guiana, France
License: CC BY-SA 4.0

After watching a YouTube video about the Goliath Birdeater tarantula, I was inspired to make this new creature to add to the World’s Edge Arena’s bestiary. Enjoy!

Goliath Tarantula (First Round creature)

Terrain: Jungle
ODFs: +1 (Bite), +3 (Barbs); DDFs: +3
Covert: Wonderful
Combat (Melee): Superb; Specialization: Bite
Notice: Great; Specialization: See
Gifts: Barbs, Enhanced venom, Nightvision, Small
Faults: Small
Weapons: Bite, Barbs
Wound Levels: 1-2 (Scratched); 3-4 (Hurt); 5+ (Incapacitated)

Goliath tarantulas are the largest arachnids known to man, and the specimens at the World’s Edge Arena are specially designed to be the biggest around. They’re about 13 inches long and have bodies of up to 5 inches, and they’re bound to trigger any arachnophobe.

Although large by spider standards, these tarantulas are still small compared to humans. Their relative size (Poor compared to a human’s Fair size) affords them several advantages and disadvantages in combat. They’re hard to hit, which improves their ODFs, but they also don’t hit as hard. Still, their 1.5 inch fangs are big enough to cause serious pain to anyone they bite, and their supernaturally enhanced venom is sure to be a crowd-pleaser.

Barbs: Goliath tarantulas have sharp barbs on the ends of their hair, and they can release hundreds of tiny hairs into the air as an attack. They aim to hit opponents in the face, which blinds the eyes and irritates the skin. Any barb attack which deals at least one Hurt wound also deals one Hurt mental wound. In addition, targets whose faces are not protected are temporarily blinded until the barbs are removed and the target receives medical treatment.

Enhanced Venom: Goliath tarantulas in the wild have relatively weak venom which feels like little more than a hornet sting to a human, but those found at the World’s Edge Arena are special. Anyone who receives at least a Hurt wound from the bite attack of this creature (even if it was just a Scratch which escalated to a Hurt wound for any reason) is inflicted with this enhanced venom. They immediately take -1 to all physical actions. If the poison isn’t treated within one minute, they must make a Great (+2) Body check or take a -2 penalty to all physical actions and -1 to all mental actions. The venom fades after 24 agonizing hours. An antidote may be purchased for a Fair [4] amount of Wealth, or the victim may be healed with a Great (+2) control animate check accompanied by a Great (+2) Medical check.

Did you like this beast? What other types of frightening or horendous critters would you like to see?