Virtuacon 14 Player Sign-Ups are Live

Reserve your space now! Player sign-ups for Virtuacon ’14, RPGGeek’s premier online gaming convention, are now live. The convention runs three days, from October 10th through October 12th, and is completely free; all you need is a webcam and a couple of hours to spend playing some amazing games!

Do you know what the best part of an all-online gaming convention is? I mean, aside from the fact that you can drop in and out all weekend, don’t have to rent a hotel, don’t have to pay for transportation, and can eat outside food or drink whenever you’d like?

Yeah, aside from those.

No “gamer funk!”

This year I’ll be running Monster Kart Mayhem on Sunday, October 12th at 18:00 UTC (11:00 PDT). Check out the details and find the sign-up link here.

I also have two great GMs on board to run two separate games of Psi-punk.

Wolf Bergenheim is running the first session at 18:00 UTC (11:00 PDT) on October 11th. Get the details and the sign-up link here.

David Lacerte is running Psi-punk at 00:00 UTC (midnight, October 12th) / 17:00 PDT (October 11th). Get the info and the sign-up link here.

Finally, I’ll be hosting a panel about 24-Hour RPGs at 6:00 UTC (October 11th) / 23:00 PDT (Oct 10th). It will feature a live Q&A. It will also be recorded for later viewing. Sign up here to remind yourself of the event time.

There’s a lot more to Virtuacon, including great contests, tons of panels, and — of course — loads of games. Find out more and sign up today!

About Jacob Wood

Jacob founded Accessible Games because he wants to spread the joy of gaming to everyone, including people with disabilities. He is visually impaired and knows what it's like to need to adapt, and he brings two decades of gaming experience to the table.
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