Accessible Gaming Quarterly Issue 8 Now Available

Armand, a blind Rockhopper penguin mage, strides purposefully through a forest with his utility belt and pouches firmly strapped across his body. He wields his white cane, wreathed in glittery pink light, ready to let loose his next spell.Accessible Gaming Quarterly Issue 8 (April 2022) is now available in digital and print.

This issue rounds out the second year of the zine with Q&A, essays, character profiles, and creative ideas to spice up your games. Articles include:

  1. “Questions and Answers with Accessible Games”
  2. “Leggo My Lego” by Richard Bennett
  3. “Dungeons and Dragons and Faith” by Travis Peterson
  4. “Armond the Penguin Wizard,” written and illustrated by Linus Andersson
  5. “Learning from Your Mistakes” by Justin Oldham
  6. “Simulation is Too Simple” by David Schirduan
  7. “Limitless Role-Playing” by Dale Critchley
  8. “Lumen: Exploring Trauma and Recovery” by T Dave Silva


The digital edition of this zine includes Vision Layers, which allows users to toggle between different viewing options in the PDF. Choose from color or black-and-white, with or without background elements, and text-only options. The PDF is also tagged for improved readability with screen readers.


You can also download the zine in fixed and reflowable ePub formats.

Get it today from DriveThruRPG in PDF, ePub, and print.

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