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If you haven’t already, read my article about Accessible Runes.

After contacting five different sellers on, all of whom hand-craft runes of their own, I found a couple of people who were willing to take on the task of custom making raised runes out of clay. To top it off, they even agreed to paint them in a high contrast color scheme for me, so that I might be able to both see and feel the runes.

The first seller to finish a batch of these for me is “ballardbk” (click here for ballardbk’s Etsy store). This seller was both friendly and expedious in making a set of runes and sold them to me at his regular going price for a full set; about $7 before shipping, and that included the extra cost of paint associated with my special set. I thought this was a great bargain and immediately purchased the set of runes.

Here is a picture of the rune set he made, albeit before they were painted:
Pre-painted Raised Rune Set

The runes came in a nice cloth bag and he even threw in an additional rune charm pendant; what service!

I have had some time to spend with the runes now and they have finally lost most of their original stickiness, which I attributed to the paint and clear coating they had. They are easy for me to see since they are of a high contrast color scheme and are just as easy to feel even with my eyes closed. I am still working on identifying the runes by touch (and even by sight, for that matter) but given time I am sure that I can accomplish this. The runes have a very nice feel to them and each one is unique enough that I can tell it apart from the rest.

I’d like to give a huge thanks to ballardbk at Etsy for making these runes for me. If you get the chance, I would definitely recommend checking out his shop on Etsy.

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