New Psi-punk Review by Richard Balmer

Psi-punk CoverIt’s been a while since we’ve had a new review of Psi-punk, and this one gives a lot of great detail and feedback about the game. It’s great timing, too, because I’m working on getting the next three sourcebooks ready to go.

Check out the review at Richard’s blog.

I’m also excited to say that work has resumed on three upcoming books. Now that Monster Kart Mayhem is out and on sale, I’ll be putting Enmanuel Martinez back to work for me. Along with some contributions from Melissa Gay (Psi-punk’s original artist) I hope to have the art for Corps and Criminals finished and ready in a few months.

In addition, World’s Edge Arena is text-complete and awaiting art, so it’s next in line after C&C. Finally, Safe Room is in development but, assuming all goes well with the others, will also see the light of day in the coming months.

Keep an eye out for more details, and make sure you check out that review!