Accessible Runes

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Someone recently posed the question: “Where can I find rune casting supplies for a blind person?”  At first, I wondered what this had to do with accessible gaming, but then realized that this site is, or should be, about more than just board games.  Accessibility is an important issue in all walks of life, and while I can’t begin to cover everything, this particular subject strikes home with me.  You see, I just started taking a Nordic Shamanism class myself, so raised or tactile runes are suddenly a concern to me as well.  While I didn’t have an answer for this question off hand, I’ve begun the search for accessible runes of my own, and hopefully in doing so can bring them to light for others.

In this case, when I speak of runes I speak of objects that contain significant spiritual power to those of the Norse faith.  I don’t …
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Accessible Runes: Update

This entry is part 2 of 2 in the seriesAccessible Runes

If you haven’t already, read my article about Accessible Runes.

After contacting five different sellers on, all of whom hand-craft runes of their own, I found a couple of people who were willing to take on the task of custom making raised runes out of clay. To top it off, they even agreed to paint them in a high contrast color scheme for me, so that I might be able to both see and feel the runes.

The first seller to finish a batch of these for me is “ballardbk” (click here for ballardbk’s Etsy store). This seller was both friendly and expedious in making a set of runes and sold them to me at his regular going price for a full set; about $7 before shipping, and that included the extra cost of paint associated with my special set. I thought this was a great …
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