We’re Back!

Did you miss us? We sure did.

I have absolutely no clue how, but the Accessible Games website vanished a couple weeks ago. Between baby, family, Christmas, and dayjob, I simply hadn’t had enough time to figure out what was wrong and how to fix it until now.

I still haven’t figured out what was wrong, but thanks to the hand-dandy UpdraftPlus plugin, which saved backups of my website to my Google Drive, I was able to restore my site.

Oh, I’ve had a lot of issues trying to get it back up and running, but after countless hours of fiddling, tweaking, and just-plain-reinstalling I managed to get it back to what appears to be the same state it was in before we went offline.

If anything seems broken please contact us and let us know. Otherwise, stay tuned for some exciting updates coming in the near future (hint: they have to do with the first Psi-punk sourcebook).