Colors of Grey – An Espionage RPG by Yours Truly

Colors of Grey Cover Art

It has been several months since I posted an update, but naturally I thought this bit of news was worth coming out of hiding for.

I recently had the pleasure of entering the 48-Hour Design Contest at  In addition to being a great and fulfilling experience, it’s the first RPG that I have crafted from start to finish and will be seen by more than just a handful of people.

I’m very excited about this development and believe that it will be the first in a long line of work that you will see from me.  My other projects are still mostly under wraps for the time being, but I’m inspired to finish them in a timely manner and add more content to my RPGGeek Designer Page.

Once the contest is over, I’ll upload the full document for download from this blog.  In the meantime, you can head on over to Colors of Grey page at and check it out!