Psi-punk Giveaway Contest with the Dorkland! Blog

Today I’m excited to announce that, in conjunction with Christopher Helton and the Dorkland! Blog, we will be giving away a free copy of Psi-punk. To enter, you must submit a design for a mega-corporation, criminal cartel, or gang that (if chosen) will be featured in the upcoming¬†Psi-punk: Corps and Criminals sourcebook.

For full details about the contest, including how to enter, please visit the Dorkland! Blog

For more information about Psi-punk, visit the Psi-punk page here at Accessible Games..

About Jacob Wood

Jacob founded Accessible Games because he wants to spread the joy of gaming to everyone, including people with disabilities. He is visually impaired and knows what it's like to need to adapt, and he brings two decades of gaming experience to the table.
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