What’s Been Happening at Accessible Games


You may have noticed a distinct slowdown in updates over the last couple of months. A lot is changing now that I have a newborn son to take care of, and chief among those things is time. Everyone says children are a lot of work, but it isn’t until you have one that you can really appreciate that fact.

I recently accepted an offer for my first paycheck job in several years. That means even less time dedicated to the things I love doing, but few game designers will tell you that the money is enough to feed a family. That doesn’t mean Accessible Games will be going away, though. On the contrary–though I will have less time to spend on my design endeavors, I’ll have more capital to spend on publishing the books I’ve already written and which are awaiting a budget to support them.

Here’s a look at what’s coming in the future from Accessible Games.


I have two complete drafts and one partially written draft for Psi-punk sourcebooks. Each has been sitting around waiting for me to raise the money I need to illustrate the books, and with this new job I’ll be able to put some money toward getting them into your hands.

AGPP02 – Psipunk: Corps and Criminals details megacorps, cartels, gangs, and mafias from all over the world (and even the moon). You may remember I ran a contest in conjunction with the Dorkland! blog last year; the lucky winners of that contest have their organizations featured in this book, which is why I’m so excited to get it released. I intend to make this one of my top priorities once the cash flow picks up.

AGPP03 – Psi-punk: World’s Edge Arena is set in the city of Punta Arenas, Chile–one of the Southernmost cities in the world. The World’s Edge Arena has come to town and brought with it a slew of tourism, capitalistic merchants, and career criminals. The book includes rules for arena combat and new monsters / NPCs to fight, as well as a detailed look at the city itself.

AGPP04 – Psi-punk: Safe Room is partially complete. The book details corporate security in the year 2096, where psychic criminals face magic countermeasures.

Monster Kart Mayhem

Editing has been completed and we’re just waiting on art. Artist willing, we’re still on track for an October release–I hope to have this book out by Virtuacon ’14.

I still have money set aside from the Kickstarter campaign to p ut toward Monster Kart Mermaids, and if sales are adequate I’ll push ahead with some of the other sourcebooks.

I have also been working on a tweaked version of the rules to turn MKM into a card game. That process is still in the early stages of development.

Pathfinder Products

As much as I love Fudge, I dig me some Pathfinder too. Several Alliterative Amusements books are already available, with more on the way.

I am also working on a brand new setting using the Pathfinder system. In the tentatively-titled Ancile: City of Guilds you’ll get to explore a world where megaguilds have taken over, gnomes outfit people with golemware, elves control the city’s food supply, and dwarves are  blue collar workers who are sick of being oppressed  by the Man.


These are the most-developed projects so far, and will be the bulk of my focus for the foreseeable future. While I have many other ideas in the mix, I no longer have all of the time I’d like to devote to fleshing out more than a few products at once.

In addition, I’m continuing to freelance for a few other companies.

Infestation: an RPG of Bugs and Heroes by Third Eye Games is on the editor’s desk and on target to release at Gencon this year. Keep an eye out for this creepy crawly game based on the two-time ENnie-nominated Pip System.

I’m also working on a project with Rebel Minis, who currently have a Kickstarter going for a line of goblin minis. The project I’m working on will support that line with game content.

Finally, I’m doing layout for an upcoming book from Dreamscarred Press and will eventually tackle the layout for a Fate-based RPG called Time Heroes.

As you can see, I’ll be keeping myself busy. With a new job, new baby, and a lot of RPG projects, it’s going to be one heck of a year.

When possible, I’d love to continue the Game Publishing Occupations Explained line of publisher-centric articles here on the blog. If you’re an artist, cartographer, art director, or other game industry professional and would like to write a guest article for me, please contact me to let me know!

In the meantime, keep your eye out for future updates.