Psi-punk Archetypes: Psiborg Preview

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It’s taking a little longer than anticipated to get the Kickstarter campaign going for Drones, Technomancers, and Psiborgs. Fear not, though–we’re getting much closer every day.

The upcoming Kickstarter campaign will be to raise funds for three products: Drones, Technomancers, and Psiborgs. You’ve already seen previews of Drones and Technomancers (and if not, use the series navigation to go back and check them out). Now it’s time to take a look at the latest Psi-punk Archetype, the Psiborg.

What are Psiborgs?

Psiborgs are people who have outfitted their bodies with copious amounts of cyberware. Most their ware is enhanced with magic, making it more powerful and versatile than traditional cyberware.

For example, ESP Sight is a cyber eyes add-on which enables the user to see things at a distance, perhaps even on the other side of a wall. Psi-Chip Readers are like Skill Chip Readers, but instead of giving the user access to a variety of new skills, it gives them access to a variety of psionic powers.

There are drawbacks to being so flexible. For one, it’s expensive to purchase all this gear. Much of it is also illegal or difficult to come by, meaning a psiborg needs to be well-connected to even have a hope of finding what they’re looking for. Finally, it can take time to swap out old parts for new ones, so there’s a risk of getting caught with the wrong gear for the job and not having the time to trade it for something else.

If you can live with those drawbacks, being a psiborg is great. Don’t take my word for it though. Here’s what one psiborg has to say about their chosen lifestyle:

Most people take one look at me and think I’m a monster because of all my cyberware, but I’m nothing like those freaks who literally transform into giant beasts. I’m just an everyday person with a few extra tools to handle everyday issues. Issues such as infiltrating secret tech labs, protecting high profile clients, and cleansing hives of scum and villany so some scummy new tenants can move in.

People call me a psiborg because my ware isn’t all mundane. Most of it is enhanced with magic of some kind, such as my ESP cyber eye enhancement and my cyber legs with built-in sonarkinetic sound dampeners. This stuff doesn’t come cheap, but it’s a small price to pay for being the most flexible member of any team.

Oftentimes people hire me expecting that I’ll be a human tank for them, but that’s an annoying stereotype. Sure, some Psiborgs choose to load up on defensive ware so they can take a beating for their friends, but we’re not all masochists. Some of us prefer a subtle approach, while others use their ware to make sure they can avoid combat altogether. Getting to choose your niche is one of the perks of being a psiborg; you can build any body you’d like, given the right amount of cash and connections.

If you’re looking for a team member who can be flexible, then I’m the one you want. Even if I don’t fill the niche you’re looking for right now, just give me a couple hours to go swap out some of my parts and grab a few appropriate skill chips. As long as you’re not in a huge hurry to get started, I can be whatever you need me to be… for the right price, of course. Like I said, all this ware doesn’t come cheap.


Interested in reading more? Download the full first draft of the Psiborg manuscript.

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