Monster Kart Monday #4: More Camp Myth

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Last week I revealed the next race course that will be available for Monster Kart Mayhem: the Camp Myth Kart Race. Read last week’s post for a brief overview of the new racers and race track locations you will find in the game.

This week I’d like to spotlight some new Power-Ups. If you haven’t read the freely available Monster Kart Mayhem RPGGeek Contest Edition, a Power-Up is an item you can acquire during game play to to provide a boost to your haracter, to attack another player, or to overcome certain negative effects.

For MKM Goes to Camp, I had a lot of material to draw upon thanks to the rich world of Camp Myth. I’m very pleased with the outcomes of the Power-Ups designed for this course, so I’d like to reveal not just their names but their special abilities as well.

Remember to come back next week, because I will be discussing how Merit Badges play into this race course as a special game mechanic.


Myth Army Knife

Your trusty Myth Army Knife always has the right tool for any job. Use your Myth Army Knife (with a creative description) to ignore one terrain effect for one round.

Thunderbird Egg

The legendary thunderbird has some of the most beautiful eggs around. Why don’t you get a closer look? Not that close! Now you’ve attracted the attention of Mama Thunderbird.
When you grab this Power-Up, your Speed increases by +1 for one round and you automatically accelerate to your new maximum Speed as you try to outrun Mama Thunderbird. Unfortunately you’ll need to outmaneuver her too. Make a Good Maneuvering check the round after you grab this Power-Up. Failure means your Speed is reduced by 1 for each degree by which you fail the check, just as if you had been the target of a Hurt Someone action.

Phoenix Feather

The phoenix is a majestic bird known for its ability to raise itself from the dead. You’re no phoenix, but holding on to this feather can help you a little bit.
Whenever your Speed would be reduced to Abysmal (-3) for any reason, use the Phoenix Feather to ignore the effect that caused your Speed to be reduced. For example, if you are the target of a Hurt Someone action that would reduce your Speed to Abysmal, you would ignore that action. After you have used this Phoenix Feather, it burns into a pile of ash and you may not use it again.

Labyrinth Map

Some say it’s cheating to use a map to get through the Labyrinth. Others know it’s just good sense. Besides, with its ever-changing nature a map is only good for one or two turns, tops.
If you have a Labyrinth Map when you reach the Labyrinth, you may ignore the terrain effect for one round. After that, the maze changes again and your map becomes useless.


Have you earned your Orienteering merit badge yet? If not, you may need to use this Power-Up to help you through the Forgotten Forest.
If you have the Compass when you reach the Forgotten Forest, you may ignore its terrain effect. This Power-Up does not get used up until after you leave the forest.

Bottled Mandrake Scream

Anyone who’s heard a mandrake scream can tell you that it’s an unpleasant experience. You’ve managed to find it in bottled form and now it’s yours to unleash on your enemies! Good thing it also came with ear plugs.
When you use this Power-Up in place of a Hurt Someone action, all other racers within 25 km of you (not including yourself) take a -1 penalty to Maneuvering for 3 rounds due to the painful screeching of the mandrake.

Belt of Giant’s Strength

This oversized belt somehow gives you more power. When you have a Belt of Giant Strength, your Hurting trait increases by +1. This ability lasts until you have used the Hurt Someone action 3 times.

Belt of Leprechaun’s Strength

Leprechauns aren’t known for their raw physical power; their strength lies in their luck. When y ou have this Power-Up, you may re-roll any [-] die. Once you have re-rolled 4 dice in this way, your luck wears out and this Power-Up stops working. You do not need to use all of your die re-rolls in the same round.

Kobold Trap

You may think this is a trap designed to catch kobolds, but in reality it is a trap designed by kobolds. Thankfully you’re not on the receiving end of it.
You may use this Power-Up in place of a Hurt Someone action, but you do not need to pass your target on the race track to use it. Instead, place a marker at your current location to remind everyone where the trap is. The next time another racer passes that space, they trigger the trap. Make a Hurt Someone check against the racer who triggered the trap. You gain a +1 bonus to your roll.

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