Prehysterical, a Cave Person Sourcebook for the Pip System

I recently submitted a new Pip System sourcebook for the RPGGeek 48-Hour Supplement Contest. For the contest, we were tasked with designing a supplement for an existing RPG in under 48 hours.

I love the Pip System, so it was a natural choice. I’ve also long wanted to do a game about cave people, because I love the Land of Og RPG (read my review here). Consider this my “Prehistoric RPG heartbreaker.”

As of this writing, the contest is ongoing and voting hasn’t happened yet, but you can still access and read the sourcebook at RPGGeek. Here are some relevant links:

Prehysterical RPG Item page at RPGGeek.

Prehysterical file download page.

48-Hour Supplement Contest Announcement. The contest ends May 19th, 2020. Go ahead and submit your own creations.