Monster Kart Monday #21: Success!

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The Monster Kart Mayhem Kickstarter campaign ended last night, and we had a successful run. With the help of 49 amazing backers, we reached 167% of our initial goal to end at a total of $1669.

We landed just shy of our first stretch goal, but at only $81 off the mark I’ll be able to fund one adventure pack with profits from initial sales of the core book. That means Monster Kart Mermaids may come out a little later than I’d thought, unless I’m able to pull together funds from another source in the mean time, but it’s not completely out of the picture.

As for the other adventure packs, we’ll see how it goes. If sales are strong, we may be able to do them. I’d especially love to get Monster Kart Mayhem Goes to Camp finished, but with more monsters than any other course and with the addition of merit badges, it’s also going to be the most costly individual adventure pack to fund.

What Happens Next?

It will be about 14 days before Amazon finishes processing payments and releases the money to me. AFter that, I’ll be able to put the down payment on art commissions and send those off to Bradley. As new art arrives, I’ll plug it into the existing layout and get the book ready to go.

I’ll also be working with backers to get an idea of which exclusive monsters and race courses they’d like, as well as what monster ideas our Monster Maker backers have in store for everyone. I’d like to have the backer-created characters available in the core book, rather than just making them separate downloads from the website.

Monster Kart Mondays won’t be a regular thing from now on. I’ll continue to post big announcements as they come up, but for now I’ll be hard at work wrapping up the campaign and getting the book ready for prime time.

One more big thanks goes out to all of the people who’ve helped with this project in any way. It truly couldn’t have been done without the help from everyone, which makes this just as much your game as it is mine.

Thanks again, everyone!

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