Monster Kart Monday #5: Merit Badges

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I’ve been talking a lot about the new Camp Myth race course for Monster Kart Mayhem, but that’s because it’s the biggest and most engaging yet. In addition to the new track and the new Power-Ups, MKM Goes to Camp adds a new merit badge mechanic that can be used in conjunction with Camp Myth: the RPG by Third Eye Games.

While I’m talking about Camp Myth, I’d like to point out that Chris Lewis Carter is currently (as of the date of this post) running a Kickstarter campaign for the second book in the Camp Myth series, entitled “Kraken Fishing.” Check it out if you’re interested in a great new work of kid-friendly fiction.

Merit Badges

In Camp Myth: the RPG, players can earn merit badges which give them unique bonuses during game play. Because MKM Goes to Camp is tied into Camp Myth, I wanted to bring that experience into Monster Kart Mayhem. More importantly, I wanted to tap the potential for cross-game engagement that will help players of both Camp Myth and Monster Kart Mayhem to get the most out of their experience.

Merit Badges in MKM Goes to Camp are an optional rule. If you don’t play Camp Myth: the RPG you simply don’t need to bother with them. They will only add to your engagement if you do happen to play both games.

If you do play with the optional rule, you can earn either of the following merit badges to use in your Camp Myth: the RPG game.

Kart Racer

Benefit: Your finely tuned skills give you +1W any time you find yourself in a race.

Camp Myth Kart Race Trophy

This merit badge is only given to the winner of a race. If you didn’t win this time, there’s still hope—just play again and give it another try!
Benefit: You are known throughout camp as the winner of the race. Gain a permanent +1 bonus to Friendship.

Of course, there’s something for Camp Myth players who want to use their merit badges in MKM Goes to Camp as well. Any of the following Camp Myth: the RPG merit badges that you have earned can be used in Monster Kart Mayhem in the following ways:


Banshee Debating

Your resistance to loud noises allows you to resist the screech of a Bottled Mandrake Scream. Instead of automatically taking a penalty from the attack, roll 4dF and do not add any bonuses. If your roll is Fair or better, you do not take the penalties assigned by the Bottled Mandrake Scream.

Cyclopean Archery

You gain 3 magical arrows which may be used to make a Hurt Someone action in place of a Cause a Complication action. This means you can make a Hurt Someone action against the player on your left even if you do not pass them on the race course this round. You may use this benefit only 3 times during the race.

Gorgon Reflecting

Once per race, you may ignore the effects of a Hurt Someone action against you. If you ignore a Hurt Someone action by using this ability, you may immediately make a Hurt Someone action against the attacker.

Kraken Fishing

When you are at Leviathan Lake, you may use your enchanted fishing hook to Grab a Power-Up without using an action to do so. This means you may Grab a Power-Up and Hurt Someone or Cause a Complication this round. This ability may only be used while you are at Leviathan Lake.

Labyrinth Navigation

You begin the race with one Labyrinth Map. This item is used up the first time you use it, just as if you had used the Labyrinth Map Power-Up.

Mandrake Gardening

You gain one Bottle of Mandrake Scream at the beginning of the race. You may not use this Power-Up during the first round of the race.

Phoenix Watching

If you gain a Phoenix Feather and use it, the Power-Up does not immediately turn to ash. You may use the Power-Up one more time before it turns to ash. You must still gain a Phoenix Feather Power-Up to use this ability.

Basilisk Tracking

If you encounter a basilisk in the Forgotten Forest (that is, if you roll [-] for the terrain effect) you do not need to make a Maneuvering check to avoid the terrain effect.

Giant Taunting

You’re good at intimidating others. Once per race when you make a Hurt Someone action, roll twice and take the better result.

Kelpie Racing

Gain a +1 bonus to your check whenever you choose the Swim terrain effect at Leviathan Lake.

Leprechaun Trickery

You’re great at tricking Leprechauns out of their treasure. Once per race, when you Grab a Power-Up you may roll twice and choose either result.

Sphinx Baffling

Now that you have earned the respect of the Sphinx, you may ask it to grant you one bit of knowledge. Once per race, you may choose to set any two dice as [+] before a dice roll is made. Roll the other two dice as normal and add the result of the two {+] dice.

Unicorn Riding

Your magical merit badge protects you from harm. Once per race, when your Speed would be reduced for any reason, you may ignore the effect that causes your Speed to be reduced. If this effect lasts more than one round, so does the protection of the Unicorn Riding merit badge.

Yeti Battling

You’re one tough cookie and can hold your own in a fight. Once per race, when you are the target of a Hurt Someone action, you may force your attacker to take a -2 penalty to their Hurting trait.

Merit Badges have the potential to really change the game. It’s even possible to come up with your own for use in MKM Goes to Camp, regardless of whether or not you play Camp Myth: the RPG. I look forward to the time when I get to read about other peoples’ merit badges and how they’ve added depth to Monster Kart Mayhem.

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